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Josu'e Velney — real estate in Somerville, MA
Josu'e Velney
Winter Hill Homes, LLC Founder & Director of Acquisitions

Josu'e Velney is the Founder and Director of Acquisition for Winter Hill Homes, LLC. He served five years in the Marines. During that time, he was deployed three times and was also deployed twice to Iraq.

In his first deployment, he was a lead scout machine gunner. In his second deployment, he was a team leader. In his third deployment, he was on a ship with the Navy.

During his deployment with the Navy, his team detained 32 pirates. He returned home from the Marines in October of 2009 to become a Somerville firefighter.

He purchased his first house in 2010 because he needed a place to call home. During the process of purchasing his first home, he realized how much he enjoyed the homebuying process and creating win-win situations for sellers in distressed situations.

Josu'e has trained with Fortune Builders and the Deal Flow program and is currently attending Wentworth Institute of Technology studying construction. As a Licensed General Contractor, Josu’e is an expert at assessing the rehab necessary to bring a project to current market value.

Josu'e currently holds numerous properties in the local area and in western Massachusetts and is a licensed real estate agent looking to help motivated sellers get out of difficult situations where they need to sell quickly.

He has taken his leadership skills, honed in the military and as a firefighter, and has applied them to real estate. He is focused on renovating properties in and around the Somerville, MA area and owning new assets across the state.


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